Get An Insight Into Express Entry Canada Procedure

With the launch of the Express Entry System (EE), moving to Canada under economic programs is now more simpler and quicker than ever. The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) launched the EE system to select deserving skilled candidates under economic immigration programs, including Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs, in an efficient and quicker manner. The system strives to reform the skilled immigration structure to make it easy and simple, significantly.

Earlier, entry to Canada through the economic program was based on a first come and first served, but, now, the government will pick the deserving candidate from a pool. Read further to know about the Express Entry Canada procedure:

Canada Express Entry Requirements

The procedure of applying for the economic immigration programs under Express Entry System is segmented into two steps including:

Step 1# As an applicant, you first have to file an Express Entry Profile to provide information regarding your skills, work, experience, language proficiency, education and other details.

If your application meets the eligibility criteria of any of the economic immigration programs, it will be placed in a pool.

Step 2# In the pool, you will be ranked against others on the grounds of a point-based system, namely Comprehensive Ranking System to give you a score out of 1200 points. If you score higher than others, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply for the permanent residency.

Canada Express Entry Program

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Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry-A Comprehensive System

Canada has taken an effective step towards economic migration flow towards the country, with the opening up of the “Express Entry System”. This immigration system is a comprehensive step towards attracting foreign nationals to migrate and work in Canada for the lifetime. This new system is effectively managing migrants under the four major immigration programs that include:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Program

Who can apply under this new immigration system?

Under this program eligible applicant under federal immigration programs of Canada can apply for the EE system. They need to first determine their eligibility in accordance to the criteria decided by the government of Canada. The second step includes making and “Expression of Interest” through the creation of an online profile that includes providing details of their educational credentials, work experience, skills and language requirements. Further, after this the applicants are placed in the pool where they are accessed in accordance to the comprehensive ranking system from where they are registered under the job bank.

What are the Express Entry requirements?

The requirements of the Express Entry Canada procedure is similar to that of the economic immigration programs of Canada where the applicants are judged on the basis of their age, educational qualification, English language requirements, adaptability and professional experience.

What exactly is the comprehensive ranking system?

The comprehensive ranking system offers the candidates 1200 points that are offered on the basis of:

  1. Human capital factor
  2. Skill transferability factor
  3. Age
  4. Work experience and sills
  5. Educational credentials
  6. Accompanying spouse or common-law partner

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Things To Know Before Filling Express Entry Canada Application Form

With the opening up of the new Express Entry system, candidates are looking forward to migrate towards Canada through this faster and more effective immigration system. Here are some of the important process steps that needs to be kept in mind by the prospect applicants.

  • The candidate needs to first fill the online express entry form along with relevant documents and correct information. For those applicants who are married, they need to prepare their documents in regard to the information of the principle applicant/spouse.
  • There will be no fee required to fill the application form online.
  • The applicant will then be offered personal application number for their case.
  • After the submission of the profile, the case will be analyzed, but it does not guarantee that the candidates will be invited to apply for the Canadian permanent residency visa.
  • With the application number allocated, the candidates can submit their resume under the Canada Job Bank within 30 days of the successful submission of the EE form.
  • After that the candidates will have to keep close eye on the announcement by the pool for draw. The names of the candidates will be selected with the announcement of the draws that meets the skilled immigration system of Canada and meets the requirements at every stage.
  • Then the candidates will be offered the chance for “Invitation to Apply”.
  • After that the application will be submitted by the candidate and they will be given the chance to apply for PR visa for Canada within 60 days followed by the completion of the rest of the process, including fees.


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Canada Express Entry Program 2015: Common Misconceptions

With the opening up of the new selection system of Canada, there has been a great rise in the immigration flow towards Canada. Considered to be a more effective and faster immigration system, the Express Entry Canada program is attracting skilled professionals greatly.

But with this there are several misconceptions that are binding the overall process. Here is a list of some of these:

Express Entry Canada is applicable to all: The truth is that only the candidates who are eligible under the federal immigration program of Canada can enter this pool. The visa class under this program includes- The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program and The Canadian Experience Class.

The applicants need to have a job offer to migrate through EE 2015: This is again a myth. Under this new program the candidates will be ranked in accordance to the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Further the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will issue an ITA (Invitation To Apply), in regard to which the candidate with the highest score will be allowed to apply for permanent residency visa of Canada. But, there is no stipulation that the candidate requires a job offer in order to be issued an ITA.

It is the only way to migrate towards Canada as economic migrants: Although this new system will facilitate migrants through economic class, but the state and territories in Canada will

Passing language test is not required under Express Entry: It is required for the candidate to pass the standardized language test that is recognized by the Canadian government, in either English or French.

Once the EE profile is created, it cannot be changed: It is just a myth that the candidate cannot change their profile. While the truth is that the applicant can edit and make changes while being in the EE pool 2015.

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Why Does Canada Welcome Skilled And Adroit People From Other Countries?

As many are now aware, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has finally released the criteria upon which candidates will be assessed when applying under the Canadian Express Entry Program. We are in a very good situation to comprehend what it takes for a foreign national to be drawn from the Express Entry pool and given the magical Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Canada Express Entry Program 2015 opens many gateways for people who possess the required skill set that the country required to enhance their economy.

Studies in United States and America as well as Canada have shown that job creation will increase and therefore the economy improves because the range of immigrants expands. Since the latter half of the 20th century, it has been observed that they are highly educated than the locals. The selection process favours those with marketable skills as the government launched its point system.


The Express Entry System paved the path to address the major issue that Canada is facing – worker shortage in numerous professionals such as nurses, engineers, tradesmen and doctors amongst others. The employers are further facing difficulty filling their rosters with skilled help as the number of residents in some provinces is shrinking. By the year 2020, 3 million is the figure that has been estimated due to the shortage of adroit workers.

This North American country has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world as per Canada’s Immigration Program. It welcomes people from other nations, Canada received 235,824 immigrants in the year 2004. By offering to help immigrants there is a rise of people relocating to the country. The present level of immigration was increased or nourished due to the support of many major political parties. The ruling party has no plans to decrease immigrations levels although a predecessor has voiced their concern about it.

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Express Entry to Be launched by CIC in 2015

India, New Delhi: As per an announcement of Canada’s top immigration official, the country is to launch a brand new electronic system, known as Express Entry, next month which is able to shorten the time interval for qualified candidates immigrating to North American country to 6 months or less.

Chris Alexander, Canada’s citizenship and immigration minister said” With the launch of Express Entry in January, our government will enhance on our strong and proven record of helping immigrants succeed, and thereby ensure that Canada’s economy will increase”. He added that beginning 1st January, 2015 that Canada will be able to select the highest economic immigrants who will contribute to our economy, communities and marketplace.

The new electronic system can administer applications from immigrants for permanent residence from three federal economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker Program.


The Express Entry program will also allow the Canadian provinces and territories to pick candidates to meet local talent demands. Preference shall be first given to immigrants who have a provincial or territorial nomination or a legitimate job offer. The applications would be processed with six months post the qualification of the foreign nationals who have been shortlisted from the pool.

In order to assist probable immigrants and employers understand the new system, he also mentioned that relevant and more information is available on his ministry’s website. The decision was made in order to endorse Canada as a destination of choice based on low taxes, job opportunities and a strong economy.

According to a press release on Canadian government’s website, the first draw for an invitation to apply is planned for the last week of January. Canada express entry program 2015 will come into force, on 1st January 2015, at 12 non EST.

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Canada would be able to gain from this express entry program as:

• The cream doesn’t need to wait for 2 years due to the system that expedites the process to six months or less.

• Rather than the primary person in line or first come first serve basis it would be able to choose the cream or the outstanding process. It would filter the candidates thereby ensuring a smooth and effective scanning process.

• An enhanced Job Bank that makes it easier to filter matches between Canadian employers and categorical Entry candidates.

To ensure smooth and efficient execution of Express Entry the government has planned to invest $4.7 million per year and $14 million over two years.

Federal Skilled Worker get Immigration to Canada through Express Entry

This is very nice to note that terribly shortly the govt. of Canada goes to launch a replacement immigration policy. There will be application of points system which is able to choose the employee from abroad, United Nations agency will enter swimmingly into the country. The govt. of Canada states that this immigration policy is in demand policy. The Canadian Government has gone ahead with a new system that will allow qualified immigrants to gain “express entry” starting in 2015. This will help fill open jobs for which there are no Canadian workers. Express Entry which used to be known as Expression of interest will be an easier path to Canada that will pick immigrants based on the skills that Canada needs based on those identified by the Government as well as Employers. Canadian employers would be able to bring in workers through an Express Entry system with a long term goal of remaining in Canada.


This will come into effect on Jan 1, 2015, prospective immigrants apply to express their interest in coming to Canada. In the case where there is a match identified they could be offered express entry if they have expressed interest in the following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Business Class

 Under the new program:

  • Canada will pick the best candidates who are most likely to have success in Canada.
  • Canada will improve the Job Bank
  • There will be 14 million dollars invested over the next two years
  • Qualified applicants should expect processing times of 6 months or less after they have been  invited to CanadaPeople who are seeking Express Entry for Canada Immigration can contact Immigration Overseas. 

People who are seeking Express Entry for Canada Immigration can contact Immigration Overseas.